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Migliori Album – 2004

01. Jens Lekman //When I Said I Wanted To Be Your Dog
02. Killers //Hot Fuss
03. Thomas Dybdahl //One Day You’ll Dance For Me, New York City
04. Interpol //Antics
05. Polly Paulusma //Scissors On My Pocket
06. Veils //The Runaway Found
07. Air //Talkie Walkie
08. Kings Of Convenience //Riot On An Empty Street
09. Joss Stone //Mind Body And Soul
10. Xiu Xiu //Fabulous Muscles
11. Morrissey //You Are Quarry
12. Marc Collin – Nouvelle Vague
13. Amy Winehouse //Frank
14. Elliot Smith //From A Basement On The hill
15. Keane //Hopes & Fears
16. Isolation Years //It’s Golden
17. Fair Marjoire //Self Help Serenade
18. Ilya //They Died For Beauty
19. Franz Ferdinand // Franz Ferdinand
20. Marillion // Marbles

Rew(edit) :: O.S.T.

01. Jeff Buckley//grace.legacy edition
02. Depeche Mode//remixies 81-04
03. The O.C. Soundtrack Mix 1
04. Cristina Donà//UK
05. Placebo//Once More With Feeling Singles 1996-2004

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  1. Polly Paulusma…TU NE CAPISCI DI MUSICA. Complimenti per la playlist, ho fatto un cd strepitoso grazie a te. Sono contento di aver trovato il tuo blog. Saluti! Gianluca.

  2. Ma quant’è bello “You are the quarry”…Adoro Smtihs, Morrissey, Buckley…tnata musica…colleghi, eh?

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